About this blog

This blog has three categories so far – energy healing sessions, personal metaphysical events, and travel.  But the reason I started the blog was to write about my energy healing sessions (making sure to protect my client’s identities!).

The other morning I was thinking about why I want to write down these sessions.  I have a friend on Facebook who is a psychic and she had an entry a while ago where she was talking about how many of her friends and family don’t think well at all of her for her chosen profession.  It is a common concern for those of us doing energy and/or psychic work.  I expected the same when I began to talk about what I was doing but I got very little negative feedback.  Mostly I just got interest and for that I was grateful.  But I do realize that even though my family and friends don’t think I am crazy because I do this work I am aware that there is no way they can really understand what I do.  If it were me fifteen years ago I would have no clue.  So this blog of mine to write about my sessions is an attempt to let everyone (budding energy workers and the curious) see what it is like on a day to day basis.  The sessions speak for themselves.  Each one is unique and yet each one connects to something greater.

The types of energy work that I perform are Reiki and Reconnective healing.   I see clients in my home in Austin, TX.  Occasionally I will travel or do distance healing but I prefer to have them come to my calm, serene space.  When the client arrives I have new age music playing softly and usually I have previously briefly burned some incense.  Typically a new client will sit in my living room for a few minutes to fill out a form and to talk for five minutes or so if they feel like it.  I ask if they are familiar with energy work or if they have any questions about the session.  This time gives us a chance to begin to resonate together and gives the client a chance to feel comfortable.  Then we go into a nearby room and the client lies down on the massage table in the center.  I get them comfortable with pillows if they need them, tell them just to relax and enjoy lying down, tell them to close their eyes but to feel free to peek during the session if they want to see where I am.  I mention that I may take a few notes during the session.  I squeeze the top of their shoulder and tell them that that will be the signal that the session is over.  I look at the clock and note the time.

Then the session begins.

I start by putting my hands in the energy field just over the heart and I make a connection there.  Usually I feel some gratitude and some trepidation.  The ego part of me wants to ask for help and specific healing but instead I just ask to not be attached to any outcome.  Then I just put my hands in the energy field wherever I notice I want to.  Often I will go to the head because I will almost always notice a lot of energy there.  Outwardly, this is the session – I walk around the client with my hands connecting just over their bodies in their energy field.  There is no set pattern but for me typically I will spend a lot of time above their heads and their torso with only a cursory pass over arms, hands, legs and feet.   The session lasts about thirty minutes.

So the outward view looks very much the same each time.  But the inward view is quite a different story.

It is the inward view that I want to share with you.  It is the inward view that touches my heart and makes me so grateful to be a part of the session.  It is the inward view that shows each client to be a beautiful child of the universe who is deeply loved and respected.  It is the inward view that shows how much help and love is present and available to us all whenever we allow it.

My plan is to chronicle my sessions for the next six months or so.   I will also write about some especially memorable ones that I have had and never forgotten.  This is the best way I can think of to share the reality of this extraordinary work.  I feel blessed to be a part of this work and I hope that reading this will allow you a glimpse into what I see during each session and to realize how loved you are.

(This is also posted under the title “Anatomy of a Session”.  I just thought I should make a page for it so that more of my readers would find it.  Thanks!)


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